Online Training Course on
“Efficient Management of Injection Water Treatment”

Date: 11-12 January 2021; Venue: Webex / Google Meet

Timing: 10:00 AM to 02:00 PM Indian Standard Time (IST)

Chief Faculty

Anil Bhardwaj.jpg

Dr. Anil Bhardwaj
Ex-Group GM (Chemistry) ONGC


The significance of water injection needs no emphasis on an oilfield operator. It is the simplest technique for Improved Oil Recovery (IOR). When finding new oil fields is becoming difficult and developing them is cost-intensive, any incremental oil gain through water injection is always desirable. Water injection planning involves assessment of the suitability of reservoir for water injection, selection of the source of water and its compatibility with reservoir rock and connate water, the decision on water injection pattern, well location, water treatment process design, and pipelines for connecting to injection wells. Once the water injection process begins, uninterrupted availability of injection water, with the right quality, is the key to the success of water injection. If the quality and quantity of injected water are not as per design, IOR projections can be erratic.

The poor injection water quality is one of the major reasons for the poor efficiency of water injection operation due to injectivity loss and corrosion failure of pipelines and equipment. It needs a comprehensive understanding of the significance of each step in injection water treatment to achieve the desired results Maintaining or improving the performance of existing water injection systems can help sustain as well as improve current production levels. It is a well-known fact that early understanding of the problems and solutions of the water injection process can yield rich dividends in terms of smooth functioning and oil recovery.

The aim of the training is to technically strengthen the team engaged in injection water-treatment. Once the team is well aware of “why” they are doing, “what” will happen if they do it wrong, “what” is the negative impact of any slippage and “what” corrective actions should they take; the team will perform better and performance of the water injection plant will also excel. Not only that, once the basic understanding of the persons involved in plant operations improves, they may even start thinking of system improvements to enhance efficiency.

In view of this, a Two Day Training on “Efficient Management of Injection Water Treatment” will be organized for the persons involved in different ways in the operations of Water Injection Plants.

Chief Faculty

Anil Bhardwaj.jpg

Dr. Anil Bhardwaj
Ex-Group GM (Chemistry) ONGC

Course Topics

  • The program will cover the topics:

  • Raw Water Quality Impact

  • Impact of Chlorination at Right Point

  • Role and Optimization of Pigging Operations

  • Suspended Solids and Injectivity

  • Role of Bacteria and Microbiology in Water Treatment

  • Microbiological Testing and Case Studies

  • Corrosion and Impact on Injectivity

  • Filtration Process Optimization

  • Logical Chemistry and Appropriate use of Chemicals for achieving the desired quality of injection water.

  • Material Selection Options

  • De-Oxygenation Optimization etc.

Dr. Anil Bhardwaj has conducted similar courses earlier in India as well as a webinar for Petronas, Malaysia. Dr. Anil Bhardwaj (Ph.D. in Chemistry), has more than 37 years of experience in Upstream Oil and Gas. He has wide experience in Corrosion Control,  Oilfield Production Chemistry and Water Treatment. He is the author of more than 100 papers and 4 books and co-inventer of 5 patents. He has authored a book on “Pipeline Internal Corrosion”. He has expertise in diverse areas of injection water treatment, waste water treatment, oilfield production chemistry, pipeline internal corrosion, such as corrosion risk assessment, corrosion audit, corrosion prevention, control & monitoring, material selection, pipeline preservation, failure analysis, pipeline internal cleaning, etc. He is a member of SPE, NACE International, Society for Failure Analysis and CII-Corrosion Management Committee. He superannuated as Group General Manager, Head Materials & Corrosion Department, Institute of Engineering & Ocean Technology, ONGC. Received accolade from NACE International Gateway India Section as well as National Corrosion Council of India for meritorious contribution to the industry in the area of corrosion science and technology.


will this Training Course be presented?

This training course combines structured and focused presentations and discussions of topics covered with relevant examples & question/answer sessions to maximize the benefits to the participants. Participants will be provided with a comprehensive soft-copy of the course material.



For registration, please send us details of the participants through email. The registration fee can be paid online (NEFT) or by sending a Draft or Cheque drawn in the favour of “MatCorr Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.”, payable at New Delhi.


Seats are limited and participants shall be registered on First Come First Served basis.


should attend this Training Course?

The target participants would be:-

  • Persons involved in operations

  • Plant Operators

  • Quality Control Team

  • Laboratory personnel

  • Planners

  • Managers

Online Training Course on “Injection Water Treatment”

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