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About Us

MatCorr, established in 2013, endorses a series of comprehensive and structural Technical Conferences, Exhibitions and Technical Workshops. In last 8 years, Matcorr has conducted more than 36 Technical Conferences, 12 technical workshops etc. in all over India.


MatCorr try to emphasize various areas of Chemicals, Corrosion, Materials, Coating, Cathodic Protection, NDT, Material Testing, Asset Integrity, Water Treatement etc. These events will provide an ideal platform for experts and technocrats to share ideas to the needs of individuals and organizations. MatCorr deals with all major fields of Oil & Gas Sector, Power & Energy, Chemical & Process Industry, Metals, steel, Infrastructure etc. to develop the latest practical skills and knowledge. We identify the essential issues in the particular topic to ensure that every person who attains the programme should be benefited by participating, networking with different organizations will add the learning experiences and knowledge base of both individuals and thereby their Organizations. 

MatCorr provides a flexible and coherent framework that assures the quality of the academic rigor and management of the event. We welcome you all to this knowledge sharing and networking platform.

IOGCA 2018

Purpose of EVENTS


Connect People


Breed Innovation


Built Networks


Our Mission

Our “GUIDEBOOK” starts with our mission, which is enduring. It declares our purpose as a company and serves as the standard against which we conduct business and interact with clients.

  • To deliver extraordinary technical knowledge enrich events….

  • To spread awareness and knowledge through this platform…

  • To create value and give a platform to build a network in the world industry.

Our team understands that a properly executed event can be leveraged to support an organization’s strategic vision, incorporated into a company’s marketing plan, or used to build networks and client loyalty.


  We believe and work on the 5 C's of event management 







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Our Vision

Our vision serves as the exoskeleton for our “GUIDEBOOK” and guides every aspect of our business by describing what we need to accomplish in order to continue achieving sustainable and quality growth.  Keeping our “GUIDEBOOK” in mind we want to grow a technical event organizer to one the biggest event management company operating in diverse sectors.

Are you faced with canceling your event?
We can help!

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There is no substitute for Live Events, however, during the current global climate, we are committed to meeting your event needs.

Here we have a back-up option if your event cannot go ahead in the traditional manner, as we know would be the preference.

Get in touch to discuss your bespoke solution!

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