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Online Training Course on
“Comprehensive Understating and Advancements of Pipeline Cleaning in Petroleum Industry”

Date: 23 June 2020; Venue: Zoom / Similar Platform Timing: 10:00 am to 02:00 pm


Anil Bhardwaj.jpg

Dr. Anil Bhardwaj
Ex-Group GM (Chemistry) ONGC


Dr. S. K. Srivastava
Ex-DGM (Chemistry) ONGC

The solids, organic and inorganic, get deposited in pipelines during various operations beginning for commissioning. These solids need proper assessment and control and preventive measures for flow assurance. The control of solids needs care at the time of construction and commissioning also. The course will deal with all these aspects as well as pigging analysis, planning and data management. There will be detailed session and discussion on OISD SOP.


Anil Bhardwaj.jpg

Dr. Anil Bhardwaj
Ex-Group GM (Chemistry) ONGC


Dr. S. K. Srivastava
Ex-DGM (Chemistry)

Course Agenda

(A) Introduction/Importance of Pipeline Cleaning
    1. Flow assurance
    2. Smooth internal coating & lining of pipelines
    3. Maintaining and ensuring asset integrity

(B) Causes and Mechanism of Deposition/Flow Impediment
    1. Deposits available prior to commissioning of the pipeline
    2. Deposition /contamination in idle pipelines
    3. Organic solid formation & deposition, prevention & remediation
    4. Internal Corrosion: Corrosion product, Black powder, microbiological deposits

(C) Methods of Prevention, Control and Remediation of Deposits
    1.  Mechanical Cleaning
        a. Pigging (Pre-commissioning & operational)
        b. Use of chemicals combined together with Pigging
    2. Chemical & Solvent Cleaning
    3. Deposits in pipeline during different stages
        • Construction
        • Commissioning
        • Idle pipelines
        • Operations
        o Organic (wax and asphaltenes) in oil lines
        o Water, especially in gas pipelines
        o Inorganic
            ~ From produced fluids
            ~ From corrosion reactions
        • Black powder
        • Cleaning methodologies
            o Pigging
            o Chemical and solvent
        • Selection, dimensions and operation of pigging
        • Debris analysis
            o Chemical and instrumental methods
            o Microbiological methods

(D) Discussion on OISD SOP
(E) Case studies

Dr. Anil Bhardwaj: Ph.D. (Chemistry), he has an experience of 37 years in Upstream Oil and Gas. He has wide experience in Corrosion Control,  Oilfield Production Chemistry and Water Treatment. He is author of more than 100 papers and 4 books and co-inventer of 3 patents. He has authored a book on “Pipeline Internal Corrosion”. He has expertise in diverse areas of pipeline internal corrosion, such as corrosion risk assessment, corrosion audit, corrosion prevention, control & monitoring, material selection, pipeline preservation, failure analysis, pipeline internal cleaning etc. He is a member of SPE, NACE International, Society for Failure Analysis and CII-Corrosion Management Committee. He superannuated as Group General Manager, Head Materials & Corrosion Department, Institute of Engineering & Ocean Technology, ONGC. Received accolade from NACE International Gateway India Section as well as National Corrosion Council of India for meritorious contribution to the industry in the area of corrosion science and technology.

Dr. S. K. Srivastava: M. Sc., Ph.D. in Chemistry, he has an experience of over 32 years of rich and versatile experience with ONGC upstream O&G industry. Worked in various areas of hydrocarbon E&P activities like drilling fluid engineering, workover fluids, materials & corrosion technology etc. Involved in various aspects of materials & corrosion problems and its control in the oil and gas production industry, particularly pipeline internal corrosion, failure analyses of pipelines, downhole tubulars & equipment, material selection, corrosion auditing of onshore and offshore pipelines, MIC, corrosion monitoring and mitigation schemes etc. Coordinated and Executed several highly specialized and specific projects in these areas. Published/Presented several papers in the journals/conferences of national and international repute. A recipient of coveted Corrosion Awareness Award-2013 by NACE International Gateway India Section for outstanding achievements and contributions in the field of corrosion science and technology in oil and gas organizations.


will this Training Course be presented?

This training course combines structured and focused presentations and discussions of topics covered with relevant examples &  question/answer sessions to maximize the benefits to the participants. Participants will be provided with comprehensive softcopy of course material.



For registration, please send us details of the participants through email. The registration fee can be paid through online (NEFT) or by sending Draft or Cheque drawn in favour of “MatCorr Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.”, payable at New Delhi. Seats are limited and participants shall be registered on First Come First Served basis.



should attend this Training Course?

This course is designed for Pipeline Operators, Commissioning Professionals, EPC Companies, Pigging companies, Pipeline Chemical companies etc. The course content had been carefully compiled to make this to be an excellent knowledge base on the Pipeline Cleaning Guidelines, New Technologies & Industry Practices.

The target participants would be:-

  • Pipeline Operator

  • Production Team

  • Laboratory Team

  • Regulators

  • Pigging Team

  • Pipeline commissioning personnel

  • Pipeline Chemical Professionals

Contact for Registration:
Contact No: +91-9667317805/ 9717085672

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