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Reliability and Safety of any system depend on its Integrity. Many times, Integrity is lost due to material failures, various corrosion damages and lack of proper inspection. Corrosion deteriorates natural resources, causes failures, affect safety & environment, increases risks and maintenance costs. Various techniques like Cathodic Protection, Coating/Painting, Inhibitor etc are used successfully to combat corrosion. Development of new materials reduces corrosion to some extent. Various inspections and NDT techniques are being used to assess, monitor and quantify the damage due to corrosion & other means. The integrated knowledge of Material, Corrosion & Inspection technology is being increasingly referred to control corrosion & to increase integrity, reliability & safety.

The “International Conference & Exhibition on Material, Corrosion & Inspection Technology” (MCI-2022) will be a confluence of industry, technocrats, academia and R&D to take up the challenges of mitigating corrosion, development of new materials and application of advanced inspection techniques. Towards achieving these, it is imperative to promote interactions between professionals and organizations working in the subject domain. The conference will deliberate on state-of-the-art corrosion science and technologies outlining various ways to control corrosion, exploring the application of advanced CRA materials and various NDE techniques to assess/ monitor the prevailing problems. Your involvement at this premier event is essential for the success of MCI-2022 to accomplish our mission “Maintaining Safety, Reliability & Integrity of the Assets”. 

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Organizing Committee, MCI-2022

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MCI - 2022

International Conference and Exhibition on
“Material, Corrosion & Inspection Technology”

Date: 23-24 June 2022; Virtual Platform

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“International Conference & Exhibition on Material, Corrosion & Inspection Technology” (MCI-2022) is one of the most important technical events related to Material, Corrosion & Inspection and other related Industries in India, to control corrosion, increase integrity, reliability and safety of assets. The conference will deliberate on the state-of-the art corrosion science and technologies outlining various ways to control corrosion, exploring application of advanced materials and various NDE techniques to assess/ monitor the prevailing problems. Towards achieving these, MCI-2022 will provide an effective platform for Corrosion, Material & Inspection professionals from all over the world from industry, research institutions and academia for exchanging ideas, acquiring knowledge / information regarding existing and upcoming products and technologies. It also provides a unique networking platform in terms of interaction amongst professionals from various government and private industries.

Salient Features

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Submit Abstract for Paper Presentation

Technical Committee of MCI-2022 invites authors to submit technical papers on specified technical topics for Oral Presentation or Poster Paper during the conference. Authors are requested to submit abstracts not exceeding 300 words and as per the guidelines. Please send your abstract to technical@matcorr.org, registration@matcorr.org

Registration Fee

18% GST will be applicable in case of INR Fees


Theme Topics of the Technical Sessions

Advanced Materials & It’s Development

  • Material Selection & Design Engineering, Developments & Applications

  • Corrosion Resistant Materials and Composites

  • Advanced Materials & High Strength Steels

  • Ferrous and Non-ferrous Alloys, Stainless Steels, Duplex, SDSS materials

  • Aluminium, Cu, Ni, Ti & its Alloys

  • Advanced Alloys, Non-Metallic Materials GRE, HDPE, Plastic Pipes etc

  • High Temp. Materials, Ceramics & Refractory

  • New Materials Development, Weld Ability, Corrosion Behaviour and its Application

  • Heat treatment, Surface treatments & Cladding

  • Welding of Advanced Materials, Weld Metallurgy

  • Materials Characterization & Properties, Metallurgical & Mechanical Testing

  • Fatigue, Creep Rupture, Root Cause Analysis

  • Structural & Engineering Materials

  • Material Damage & Failure Analysis

  • Case Studies, Open Q/A

Corrosion Management and Environment Protection

  • Manifestation of Corrosion: Various Corrosion Control Techniques

  • Cathodic & Anodic Protection, Microbial Corrosion and Inhibitors, VCI

  • Protective Coatings/Linings, Surface Treatments

  • Corrosion in Oil and Gas Production

  • Corrosion in Refineries, Petrochemical, Chemical and Fertilizer Industries

  • Power Plants and Utilities, Nuclear Industries

  • Corrosion in Aviation & Defence

  • Marine Corrosion, Corrosion in RCC structures

  • Internal Corrosion of Pipelines, Intelligent Pigging and Direct Assessment

  • Cooling Water Treatment, Inhibitors, Biocide

  • Assessment of Corrosion through Corrosion Software’s & Predictive Modeling

  • Corrosion Monitoring & Testing

  • Corrosion Survey & Corrosion Audit

  • Failure Analysis & Root Cause Analysis

  • Digitalization in Corrosion Control Techniques

Inspection Techniques for Evaluation & Assessment

  • NDE 4.0: Digitalization, Advanced NDT Techniques

  • Condition Monitoring, Residual Life Assessment

  • Advances in NDE Techniques, Ultrasonic’s, TOFD

  • Acoustic Emission, Holography, Thermo-graphy

  • Functional and Operational Testing, Reliability and Safety Assurance

  • Application of NDE for Material Characterization

  • NDE Corrosion Damage Monitoring

  • NDE of In Service Inspection

  • Shutdown Inspection & Preventive Maintenance

  • Drone & Robotic Inspection Technology        

  • Online Monitoring, Remote Inspection

  • Failure Analysis & Mechanical Integrity

  • Health Assessment, Remaining Life Assessment

  • Inspection Data Management, Digital & Computed Radiography

Asset Integrity & Risk Management

  • Future of Asset Integrity 4.0: Artificial Intelligence & Automation

  • Reliability Management, RBI, RCM, Risk Matrix

  • Predictive Risk Assessment & Preventive Maintenance Strategies

  • Developing Asset Integrity Management

  • Asset Integrity Management Strategy Across Various Operating Environments

  • Risk Management and Assessment Strategies to Minimize Risk of Aging Assets

  • Plant Hazards and Risk Mitigation by HAZOP Study

  • Pipeline Integrity & Safety Management

  • Structural Integrity & Reliability Assessment

  • Case Studies, Open Q/A & Discussions

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Who Should Attend?

Professionals from

  • Oil & Gas Production & Processing, Pipeline Industry

  • Refineries, Petrochemicals, Fertilizers & Chemical Industries

  • Power & Energy Industries

  • Industries related to Steel, Nickel/ Titanium/ Copper/ Aluminium alloys

  • Plastics and other advanced materials

  • Corrosion professionals, CP specialist, Coating/painting, Inhibitor Industry

  • Inspection & NDT professionals

  • Failure Analyst Experts

  • Material & Design Engineers, Manufacturing Engineers

  • Fabrication & Welding Industry

  • Operation & maintenance personnel

  • Corrosion Monitoring System

  • Design & Engineering Consulting Organizations

  • Vendors and Suppliers

  • Construction & Infrastructure Companies

  • R&D organizations

  • Professionals related to the subject conference theme topics


Business / Sponsorship Opportunity

The subject event will provide a unique opportunity to promote your products/services to the focused International and National audiences besides having an excellent opportunity to interact with the Key Decision Makers, Bureaucrats, Professionals, Engineers, Scientists, Academia and marketing professionals. Request you to contact us for different options and benefits of Sponsorship/ Branding.

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Advertise in Souvenir

A Souvenir with Abstracts (presented during the Seminar), Industry related articles and Advertisements will be published and will be part of the kit to the delegates. The Conference souvenir will feature advertisements from the industry and is of tremendous publicity & business value. The Advertisement material shall preferably be sent in high resolution JPEG.

For Registration of Delegate/ Speaker/ Branding
Mobile: +91-9821371009 / 9717085672
E-mail: technical@matcorr.org, registration@matcorr.org
Website: www.matcorr.org/mci
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