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PPT 2022

Plastics & Polymers Technology Conference

Emerging Opportunities of the Future

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Date: 16 December 2022; Virtual Platform

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About the Conference

Plastics & Polymers have incorporated and indulged their role and exploited their applications throughout a various range of products in our society. To some extent, plastics are reached beyond their range of applications and fostering issues, challenges to the human race. Plastics originated from fossil fuel-based petrochemicals like natural gas or petroleum; however, recent industrial methods use variants made from renewable materials.


The Virtual Conference on "Plastics & Polymers Technology- Emerging opportunities of the future" will facilitate this initiative by bringing together both from the Industrial and researchers, experts, end-users, technology providers, government bodies, stakeholders, waste recyclers, chemical recyclers of plastics, retailers, and local authorities under one roof to discuss challenges, efficient solutions and presents the latest technology and developments to solve plastics & polymers usage limitations.


The agenda of the conference is to empower people and the industry with the necessary tools, technologies, renewable methods, selection of sustainable raw material selection, reducing pollution and know-how to manage plastics & polymers and make use of it to its optimal benefits. This conference aims to study the emerging opportunities of the future in Packaging Industry, Consumer Goods, Bottling & Containers, the Medical field, Building & Construction Materials, make it eco-friendly and user-friendly.


The subject conference will provide an ideal platform for professionals all over the world to interact, share and exchange their experiences/ trends/ solutions.

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Key Topic of Discussion
The technical program will cover, but not limited to the following topics:

  • Approach & Trend for Plastic & Polymers usage

  • Chemical Recycling of Plastics

  • Trends & Developments in plastic additives

  • Global scenario of Plastics Machineries, Tanks, Vessels & Piping

  • Plastics for the circular economy, sustainable future

  • Plastics manufacturing new trends & Plastics 4.O

  • Robotics & Digitalization in plastics & polymers manufacturing process

  • Global Scenario of Bioplastics & Biopolymers

  • Composites, Specialized Industrial Applications

  • Industrial applications of Plastics & Polymers in the Power, Electrical & Electronics Industry

  • Increase the importance of Plastics & Polymer products in Petrochemical Industry

  • Plastics & polymers for Agricultural sector, Packaging sector, the Consumer sector

  • Plastics & polymers for Electric vehicles & Charging stations

  • Plastics & polymers for Buildings & Construction, Roads

Speaking Opportunities

Technical Committee invites authors to submit abstracts on specified technical topics for Technical Presentations at the conference. Abstracts will be evaluated based on relevance, uniqueness/originality, technical content, and clarity. Authors are requested to submit abstracts not exceeding 300-500 words as per the guidelines through email.

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Target Industries

Plastics & polymers being a multidisciplinary subject, professionals from various industries and groups expected to participate:

  • Plastics & polymers product manufacturers

  • Plastics & polymers manufacturing machines, equipment

  • Bioplastics & biopolymers manufacturers

  • Automotive & Electric vehicles manufacturers

  • Engineering plastics manufacturers

  • Adhesive & Sealants manufacturers

  • Chemical Recycling companies

  • Packaging manufacturers

  • Consumer sector professionals

  • Educational Institutes & Academicians

  • Aerospace & aviation industry professionals

  • Logistics & supply chain professionals

  • Electrical & Electronics Professionals

  • Polymer Engineering Professionals


 Benefits of Attending this Seminar

  • Take advantage of years of experience of industry personnel

  • Platform for discussion

  • Interaction with industry experts

  • Evolving solutions for own problems

  • Seminar proceedings will be made available to all participants

Promote Your Business: Sponsorship/Exhibiting Opportunity

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The subject event will provide a unique opportunity to promote your products/services to the focused International and National audiences besides having an excellent opportunity to interact with the Key Decision Makers, Bureaucrats, Professionals, Engineers, Scientists, Academia, and marketing professionals.

Supporting as Branding Partner may help as follows:

  • Raise awareness of your business, as well as your products/services

  • Build more trust with your target audience by showcasing your value and knowledge

  • Generate more targeted and higher-quality leads for your business

  • Get attendees’ interest in buying products and services

  • Provide an easy way to handle pre-sales queries face-to-face

  • Opportunity to interact with the Key Decision Makers

Request you to contact us for different options and benefits of Sponsorship/ Branding.

PPT Conference
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