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Virtual Conference on

"Solid Waste Management - a National and a Local Issue"

An overview of the Conference
Rapid urbanization in most of the emerging countries along with a steady increase in the global population, industrial boom, environmental impact, and rise in a number of infrastructure development activities are raising more concerns about Solid Waste and Solid Waste Management from all kind of industries and even in our neighborhood. Most kinds of Solid waste will show an immense impact on the environment, due to poor solid waste management and eventually leading to leachate pollution of surface water or groundwater and other elements of the earth. The agenda of this conference is to empower people and the industry with the necessary regulations, policies, methodologies, tools and know-how to manage solid waste and make it into recycled wealth resources.

The Virtual Conference on “Solid Waste Management” will facilitate this initiative by bringing together both from the Industrial and Municipal Waste Management Professionals, experts, end-users, technology providers, government bodies, stakeholders, waste recyclers, dealers, retailers, and local authorities under one roof to discuss challenges, efficient solutions and presents the latest technology and developments to solve Waste Treatment, Recycling & Management challenges. The subject conference will provide an ideal platform for professionals all over the world to interact, share and exchange their experiences/ trends/ solutions.

Key Topic of Discussion

The technical program will cover, but not limited to the following topics:

Organic Waste Management: Kitchen Waste, Waste from Food Preparation, Vegetables, Flowers, Leaves, Fruits, and Market Places.

Municipal Solid Waste Management: Solid Wastes Generated from Parks, Beaches, Waste Treatment Plants & Sites, Land Filling Management, etc.

Industrial Solid Waste Management: Management of Plastic Waste, Metal Waste, E-Waste, Packaging Waste, PPE Waste, Cable Wires, etc.

Recyclables Management: Paper, Glass, Metals, Plastics.

Construction & Demolition Waste Management: Waste Generated from Constructions, Building Roads, Bridges, Fly Over, Subway, Remodelling and Green Buildings, etc.

Hazardous Solid Waste Management: Oil, Battery Acid, Medical Waste, Radioactive Waste, Hospital Waste.

Commercial Complexes Waste Management: Hotels, Markets, Restaurants, Godowns, Stores and Office Buildings.

Institutional Solid Waste Management: Solid Waste Generated by Schools, Colleges and other Educational Systems.

Agro-Industry Solid Waste Management: Spoiled Food, Pesticide Containers, Plastic Films, Gunny Bags, Pesticide, Fungicide and other Agro Packaging Materials.

Waste Machinery, Waste Processing Equipment: Landfills, Incineration, Dismantling, Waste Conveyors, Waste Balers, Waste Separators, Shredders, Waste Bag Openers, Waste Bins, Backhoe Loaders, Compactors, Waste Pumps.

Latest Policies & Regulations: New Policies & Start-ups, Government/Environment Norms & Regulations, Case Studies, etc.

Speaking Opportunity

MatCorr invites Speakers/ Authors to submit their Abstract on the specified technical topics for Technical Presentation during the conference to: /

Target Industries

Solid Waste is most common in most of the places ranging from household to industrial level. Our virtual conference providing an opportunity for Professionals working on solid waste management in various industries such as government authority officers, Professionals in Construction, Smart cities builders, Waste Management IT companies, National Highways, Plastics, Rubber And Glass industries, Institutional Members, Agrochemicals, Chemicals, Hospitals, Medical Textiles, Medical Equipment, Tannery, Sugar, Coal, Mining & Steel, non-ferrous and other end-user industries.

•    Solid Waste Treatment Professionals
•    Municipality, Urban development, National High Authorities & Relevant Departments
•    Organic Waste Treatment Professionals
•    Environment, Pollution Board Related Authorities
•    Ai/IT Professionals
• Electronic Product Manufacturers, E-Waste Treatment Companies, E-Waste Recyclers
•    Waste Management Machineries, Equipment & Pump etc. Professionals
•    Plastics Manufacturing Professionals
•    Rubber Products Manufacturing Professionals
•    Textile, Medical Textile Manufacturing Professionals
•    Glass Manufacturing Professionals
•    Agrochemicals Industry Professionals
•    Steel, Scrap Recyclers, Coal and Mining Industry Professionals
•    Construction, Builders & Smart Cities Solution Providers
•    Biomedical, Hazardous Waste Management Professionals

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